Book Coaching or Developmental Editing

What exactly can a book coach or developmental editor do for me?

I’m a publishing industry professional who helps authors like you take ideas and turn them into, first, a table of contents, then chapters, and eventually a whole book.

Book coaching can start at any point in the writing process. If you’ve already written a table of contents or a partial or full manuscript, I review those to help you improve the content. I can also evaluate proposals for submission to agents or publishers.

I set deadlines.

I coach you through the tough spots.

I brainstorm with you.

Whether you call me a book coach, a developmental editor, a book doctor, or substantive editor, I’m here to help you navigate the publishing process.

When do I need a book coach?

If you’d like to submit a proposal or manuscript to a publisher or agent, and you would like to improve your material beforehand to increase your chances of getting accepted.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing and want to improve the book’s success with the help of someone who understands the field, I can assist you with that as well.

Does developmental editing include copyediting?

Usually copyediting and proofreading are performed separately by a publisher (or during the self-publishing process), and it is not included with developmental editing.

Why is this? It’s because there should be multiple people looking at your work during the process, not just one!

I’m completely focused on your content, and you want an entirely fresh set of eyes looking at your material during copyediting.

If you need copyediting services, I will team up with other publishing professionals to provide you a full development and copyediting package.

What if I plan to self-publish, and I also need a designer?
I can also provide you with trusted designer referrals.